Quick fire updates

  • I am currently working on a few projects with a few different people be on the look out for them
  • I am currently on the search for an integral piece for a film project I have been planning for months
  • The book is coming along nicely. Just wait. 
  • The future is bright. 
  • Breathe
  • Neurons that fire together, wire together
  • Be around people who you never feel the need to impress

That's all she wrote folks

And with that the classes were done, the gallery happened, and friends parted.

With knowledge and new connections the men and women left the hollow halls and embarked on a new journey into the world.

I hope that the bonds that were created in these past years help propel everyone to new heights.

Take it slow.

Just try to understand that things get tough. Things get intense. Things are crazy …but that is life. Life is a ride.

So let’s take the time to really get down and just let free on my blog. This is going to be titled advice, but who knows what will really be written here.

I want to address the fact that no one man is an island.

You will spread yourself thin. You are going to invest so much energy that will rarely be cycled back to you. Time is ticking and things are getting intense. Sessions are flying by. Models cancel. Printers jam. Money is short. Props break. Tears will flow. But in the end …just breathe. You cannot stress yourself out from the get go and panic. It is all about what comes next? What will you do to follow the fall? This is the true nature of a photographer. The ability to take an idea and run, idea falls? Rework, pick yourself up, and keep running.

As well, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Food photographers need a team. Commercial photographers need a team. Why should you not have a team? Surround yourself with people who will benefit you. Who want to see you succeed. Who will pour their all into you, like you would for them. At times you will hit that point where you realize that some people are not worth the effort. Give them a chance. Give them two. Know your limit though. Time is always ticking.