ULI Toronto Transit Oriented Development

With the announced $28 billion regional transit plan, the provincial government is seeking to capture a significant amount of the land value created by its massive infrastructure investments. It’s a new approach to funding public infrastructure and delivering transit oriented development - promising to play a significant role in project planning and implementation timelines with nearly two-thirds of the plan’s funding to be sourced by other levels of government and benefiting land owners. What does success look like across the region and what are the implications for public agencies and regional municipalities?

Global Context Setting:
Omid Nakhaei, Associate Principal, Arup Canada
Rowan Mills, Transaction Advisory Practice Leader, Arup
Leslie Woo, Chief Development Officer, Metrolinx + Infrastructure Ontario
Brian Johnston, CEO, CreateTO
Jason Bevan, Planning Strategies Director, City of Mississauga
Marcia Wallace, Assistant Deputy Minister, Municipal Affairs and Housing