Letter to a hero

To Owen, also well know as OCap and Mr. Crispy.

…Be the hero of your own story.

This is my letter to you, this is what I would say, could say, and am saying, if I were waving you off before you got onto that plane. So buddy, this is it. Growing up so fast. Taking risks. Taking chances. You have packed up the boxes, the tape has been cut, and all the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted. You are heading onto your next adventure.

The sun will be bright, the people will be friendly, and the work will be abundant. With time new friends will be made, new ideas will be born, and your website will fill with more creative and dynamic pieces. We will follow your journey through your work and through your posts, and we cannot wait for it to begin.

…I say again, be the hero of your own story.

This is your time to shine. This is the moment where you take all the criticisms, all the negatives, and build upon them. This is where you become the role model I know you. The one the AGB crew knows you are. Whether they are 9 or 99, be someone they want to aspire to be.

…Be the hero of your own story.

This story is being written. Written and rewritten. Revised, and never finalized. The past has happened, and you’ve learnt from it and grew. Each day, a new blank page turns. Never let the lines on the paper hold you back. They are borders you are crossing, they are goals you are surpassing, and they are markers to show you how far you will go.

This is it. This is what I have to say. For what its worth, you are a hero in my eyes. This is not a goodbye and farewell, this is a goodbye for now. I will end this with the smartest thing one can say:

At the core of all circumstance, we have but two choices to lead us into forward movement; accept it, or change it. Decide carefully, but with confidence and courage

Signed, sealed and delivered.

- Shibby.