The beginning of a new chapter: 120 Film

Mamiya. Medium format. Great body, and feel in the hands.

Ever since I could remember film photography has had this special place in my heart. There is something great about not having to worry about the shot and just living in the moment. This is something that has been personified with the recent acquisition of my medium format camera.

I recently bought a Mamiya 645 off of eBay and from the minute I saw it, I knew it was going to be great. Upon arrival, I quickly read through all the manuals and familiarized myself with the basics of the camera: how to load the film, how to release the shutter, how to assemble the camera, and of course maintenance.

At first I got really nervous. There is no auto metering. There is no way in camera to know what the right settings are. How will I know if I am exposing properly? I decided that the first roll (or few) would always be for practice, so after a first few snaps everything started to fade. I started to rely on what I know and my skills. I stopped caring about numbers and focused more on composition and what my narrative would be.

Keep an eye on the personal section of the website for the next few series I will be creating with my Mamiya.

Meagans Walk 2015

This year I had the pleasure of photographing the annual Meagan's Walk 5Km Fundraising Walk&Hug from Fort York to SickKids. Meagan’s Walk was founded by Denise Bebenek in 2001, the year she lost her cherished five-year-old daughter Meagan to a cancerous brain tumor.

From the website

Our mission is to share the message of hope, to increase public awareness about brain tumors and the devastating effects they have on children and their families, and to raise valuable financial resources for research into paediatric brain tumours - the leading cause of cancer-related death in children and young people under the age of 20.
Our flagship event is our Walk, which takes place annually on  Mother's Day weekend. Each year thousands of participants of all abilities take part in the 5km walk, which culminates in an human hug around the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), sending strength and love to those within.

It is always a pleasure and such an emotional event. Check out some of the photographs from the day.

Take it slow.

Just try to understand that things get tough. Things get intense. Things are crazy …but that is life. Life is a ride.

So let’s take the time to really get down and just let free on my blog. This is going to be titled advice, but who knows what will really be written here.

I want to address the fact that no one man is an island.

You will spread yourself thin. You are going to invest so much energy that will rarely be cycled back to you. Time is ticking and things are getting intense. Sessions are flying by. Models cancel. Printers jam. Money is short. Props break. Tears will flow. But in the end …just breathe. You cannot stress yourself out from the get go and panic. It is all about what comes next? What will you do to follow the fall? This is the true nature of a photographer. The ability to take an idea and run, idea falls? Rework, pick yourself up, and keep running.

As well, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Food photographers need a team. Commercial photographers need a team. Why should you not have a team? Surround yourself with people who will benefit you. Who want to see you succeed. Who will pour their all into you, like you would for them. At times you will hit that point where you realize that some people are not worth the effort. Give them a chance. Give them two. Know your limit though. Time is always ticking.


As I grow more and more, I start falling back on the idea of re-branding and understanding the impact is has on business.

A good logo is something that should stick in someones mind. When they see something like your logo, or something that has your logo on it they should instantly know it is yours. I think in the case of photography, your logo is best represented on 3 places: Your business card. Your website. Your watermark. Having a perfect harmony of these three things is essential to creating a strong brand and identity.

Tell me what you think of the logo that I created for myself.

New beginnings

This is the final countdown. This is the last ride that we all have together. I was never one for being great with my words. But I promise you that I will try to make the best of the time we all have together. We will get strong. But I have to be strong for myself, I am the one taking the steps into unknown territory. No one is going to be holding my hand.